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June 2020

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The Feng Shui Road to Success

Many people use the Feng Shui Bagua map to help them focus their energy on specific parts of their life and achieve important goals. Bagua areas such as Career, Wealth, and Family are self-explanatory and popular areas for people to work on. One area that people are often confused about is Fame and Reputation, which is located at the center back part of any home or room. Fame and Reputation is probably the most neglected Bagua area, but you should be focusing on that area today to have an even more successful life!

People say “I don’t want to be famous!” and ignore that Bagua area. Before you shrug off Fame and Reputation, think about how it can improve your life. Fame isn’t only the ‘celebrity’ kind of fame; it also has a place in everyday life. Fame, recognition and reputation affect how people see you and think of you in all aspects of your life – your family, your community, your job. Enhancing this area can improve your entire life, helping you be more successful in all areas. You want to have recognition for all the hard work you put into your life and career. Respect, a good reputation and a good standing in your community and business life are important tools to help you succeed. Use this Bagua area to help achieve your goals and enhance your future.

The color associated with this area is red, so using any red items, furniture, paint, or small objects, in this area of your home or office will enhance and increase the Fame and Reputation energy of your life. The shape associated with this area is a triangle or a pyramid. Place things shaped like triangles or pyramids in the Fame and Reputation area of your home or office. The element associated with this area is fire. Anything representative of fire, like a candle, can be put in the Fame and Reputation area of your home or office to enhance this area of your life.

Items associated with success are also especially useful and will help you focus your Feng Shui goals in this area. Horses are symbolic of success in Feng Shui. The Golden Horse for Success can fit on any table or desk. It is attractive and looks regal and impressive. It also is a great item for a workplace since it helps make you feel successful and helps others see you as successful, paving the way for a promotion or raise.

We have created a special object specifically for energizing the Fame and Reputation area. The 30 mm Swarovski Fame Hanging Crystal is strung with powerful red beads which focus on enhancing the energy of the Fame and Reputation area. This crystal will also increase your recognition at work. If you want your boss to recognize and reward your hard work or you want customers to flock to your store because of your quality product and excellent service, this hanging crystal is perfect.

Our Feng Shui Fish is a strong representation of success against the odds and will inspire you to succeed in any endeavor. The Feng Shui Fish is a red figure of a carp in action with a gold Chinese inscription on the base. The Feng Shui Fish is especially useful to help you have a successful career, have a good relationship with your partner (if you buy two), and succeed in your educational goals. The Feng Shui Fish will be an attractive and encouraging addition to your office or home.

These things will help people recognize you for all the great things that you do!

For more Feng Shui Fame Cures, please see our Feng Shui Fame Cures page .

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