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October 2019

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Nine Feng Shui Gifts for Nine Dollars and under!

We are all experiencing tough economic times and are concerned about spending money. At the same time we know it is the holiday season and we want to find a way to give meaningful gifts to our friends and loved ones, gifts that help spread around some good Feng Shui energy. You might wonder how you can do that this year - how can you find something special for everyone while you are tightening your budget? We understand your needs and we want to help you. You don't have to spend a fortune to give a gift that will bring someone joy as well as positive energy. Inexpensive items like Chinese Coins or a Gold Ingot are unique, fun and energetically powerful gifts for anyone. Here are nine items that have powerful Feng Shui energy yet cost about nine dollars, or less, each so you can afford enough to give something special to everyone on your list.

1 It is hard to feel safe and protected in these tough economic times. Everything from your home to your job suddenly feels vulnerable. Everyone on your list will feel reassured and protected all day if you give them a Bagua Coin Key Chain to carry with them. The Bagua Coin Charm that hangs from it is a Chinese lucky charm - carrying it will enhance your economic energy and be a constant protector against negative energy and harm. Give the gift of portable protection for only $9.00!

2 Lucky Fortune Gifts are traditional Chinese gifts for the New Year, but they make a great gift anytime. The Lucky Fortune Gift is three traditional I Ching Chinese Coins hand tied together on red ribbon inside one lucky Chinese red envelope. It's pre-wrapped! The three coins symbolize money always being replenished, and who doesn't want that? Small enough to be hidden anywhere in the home or carried in a wallet or purse, this is a great and thoughtful gift for only $5.00.

3 Anyone you know who has children is concerned about their future and wants to make sure their children are protected. They need something that will reassure them that everything will be OK. The Kwan Yin with Baby is the perfect gift for them. Parents are always worried about what is threatening their children when they are not there to protect them. Kwan Yin has special protection over children and guards the souls of children. A Kwan Yin holding a baby further increases her power to protect children. Whether you are watching your children or not, Kwan Yin with Baby is always holding her baby and is symbolically watching over all children. All this for only $8.00.

4 Our Genuine Ancient Chinese Coins are actual coins used in the Chinese Empire up to 1000 years ago and sell for only $9.50 each. Each individual coin is a unique handmade work of art that has survived for centuries and holds powerful wealth energy. Give someone a special gift, something from the ancient world that will help empower them to reach their economic goals. These Genuine Ancient Chinese Coins have survived economic crisis and turmoil and will remind the bearer that they will also survive these tough times. The recipient will think of you every day when they see this special coin in their wallet, purse or wealth area and know you have helped them.

5 Doorknob Wealth Bells are special items we make to be hung on all exterior doors in a home to keep wealth from escaping. These unique and powerful gift items are only $9.50 each. Doorknob Wealth Bells have the image of the protector, Kwan Yin, embossed on them. They also include a red tassel and a red ribbon for extra protection. Someone on your gift list will be very happy to hear the bell every time they open their front door because it will remind them that their money is safe.

6 The holiday season is an especially unpleasant time to have a breakdown in a major appliance like a stove or refrigerator. Everyone on your list will appreciate some extra protection for their electronics from our Protection Magnet. Small and portable, they can easily be affixed to any metal object (like an appliance or electronic device) and provide instant, and lasting, protection. A lot of security for only $5.00, so make sure to get some for yourself.

7 Everyone on your list would like some more money. Our Gold Ingot is shaped like an actual Chinese gold ingot and is painted shiny gold to bring the glimmer of gold wherever it is placed. It also has good fortune messages on the bottom, sides and top in Chinese for extra wealth. Your gift will be a powerful energetic and symbolic reminder of great wealth coming to the recipient. It also makes an attractive paperweight or display item. It costs only $6.50 so you can stock up!

8 Kwan Yin Bell Key Chains are unique and powerful gift items for only $8.00 each. The Bells have the image of the protector, Kwan Yin, embossed on them. They also include a red tassel for extra protection. The Kwan Yin Bell Key Chain will protect your recipient from negative energy and harm when they carry it with them. If they hang their keys on the Kwan Yin Bell Key Chain, their car, home, office, and whatever else they use keys for will also be protected. Everyone on your gift list will be very happy to hear the bell every time they use their keys because it will remind them that they are safe.

9 The gifts with the greatest meanings do not have to break the bank. Give the gift of Buddha. When you give someone on your list a Gold Buddha or Red Buddha you give them the gift of good luck, harmony and positive energy. Not only are they attractive and portable, but they are only $3.00 each, so make sure to give at least a few to everyone on your list. A small price for serenity.

We hope this will reassure you that you do not have to spend a lot of money on your holiday gifts to give a meaningful gift to everyone on your holiday list. Holiday gift giving does not need to be expensive. Nine gifts for $9.99 and under!

For more Feng Shui gifts that are ten dollars and under, please see our $10 and Under Feng Shui Cures page .

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