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August 2020

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Feng Shui Your Sleep

Many of our clients tell us they have sleep problems, either a problem falling asleep or a problem staying asleep. They often think it’s an internal problem, and spend time and money searching for something to help them sleep. Instead of sleeping pills or hypnosis we suggest using Feng Shui to help have a good night’s sleep.

Anything you store under your bed can affect your sleep. Remove everything from under your bed. This will make sure that energy will flow around you while you are sleeping, helping you have a happy sleep.

How do you prepare for sleep? You should be in a relaxed state before you get into bed and go to sleep. Some people have stressful lives and the burdens of the day keep them awake. A good way to relax your mind and body before going to sleep is to ring a meditation gong. Our Five Bell Tibetan Gong includes symbols of the moon to relax you and help you prepare for a restful sleep. Our Swarovski Harmony Hanging Crystal will help you relax and clear your mind, so you will be in a good mindset for a regenerative sleep.

Another great way to help you have only pleasant dreams is to hang a dream catcher over your bed. Dream catchers are an ancient Native American traditional cure for bad dreams. The webbing of the dream catcher will ‘catch’ any bad dreams and only let good dreams pass through, giving you nights filled with only good dreams.

Negative energy from another room could also be the source of your sleep problems. Do you have a bathroom directly across from your bed? Bathrooms are a prime source of negative energy. Try to close the bathroom door before you go to sleep each night to keep the bathroom energy from disturbing you. You can also place a Negative Energy Blocker across the doorway to act as a barrier, preventing the negative bathroom energy from coming into your bedroom and disturbing you while you sleep. If there is a toilet on the other side of your bedroom wall (directly up against your bed) this can also be cured by using a Negative Energy Blocker.

Other energy problems which can disturb your sleep are electronic devices. Television sets, stereos, computers etc. are alive with energy, whether they are on or off. They have ‘awake’ energy and will keep you awake while you are trying to sleep. If you are having sleep problems either remove these items from your bedroom or cover them up before you go to sleep to dampen their energy.

Depending on your specific problems, your sleep problems may be alleviated through Feng Shui. Pleasant dreams!

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