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May 2022

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Protect Yourself with Feng Shui

Many people become interested in Feng Shui because they want to protect themselves and their loved ones from negative energy or anything that could potentially harm them. Negative energy can come from many sources, such as sharp corners, exposed beams, sloping ceilings, long hallways, mean people, bad neighbors, trees, bathrooms, and stagnant energy. Here are some types of Feng Shui ways of protecting yourself and your family from all sources of negativity.

Nanbu Lock Coin - protects your investment in your future. Feel safe that your IRA, stocks, real estate, and other investments aren't in danger from risk.

Negative Energy Blocker - can be used to block a variety of sources of negative energy emanating into your life. You can use it to block the negative energy coming from your bathroom, so that it does not seep into your bedroom. You can also use one to keep negative energy from another room (like a room where you feel there is negative energy, like a storage room or teenager’s bedroom or roommate’s bedroom) from disturbing the rest of the house.

Pagoda - can be used to protect from bad luck, negative energy, and negative people. It is especially effective at protecting from backstabbers and bullies in the workplace and other spaces.

Swarovski Protection Hanging Crystal - can be used to deflect negative energy similar to the Negative Energy Blocker, but it is hung. It can also be used to deflect negative energy from sharp corners, long halls, or other poison arrows (pointy things). It also protects you from people who wish to do you harm, people who think poorly of you, harm that may come to you, illness that may befall you, bad advice, and other forms of negative energy and negative influences.

Protective Jewelry - like Bagua Coins or Buddhas or Crystals can be used as personal protectors to protect you all day, while you are wearing the jewelry. You will be protected from any negative energy you encounter from people and places.

Flags or Pinwheels - the movement of either the flag or pinwheel flying in the breeze disperses negative energy outdoors from rushing chi coming towards your house. Additionally, it can activate the chi if you have stagnant adjoining property.

Bagua Coin Key Chain - the Bagua coin charm is a protective amulet that will protect you, and whatever your keys are for, from negativity.

Protection Magnet - protects your appliances from the negative energy that causes items to prematurely break.

Pi Yao - is a well renowned and effective Feng Shui protection tool. It can be used to protect your money, protect you from bad luck after moving to a new home or after remodeling your home, protect your family, protect you when traveling, and protect you from evil influences or people.

Chinese Protection Lock Charm – deflects negative energy similar to the Bagua Mirror. This traditional Chinese protection charm was created to look like an actual padlock so it symbolizes your loved ones, money or possessions being safeguarded.

In dangerous times like these, it is no wonder that everyone is looking to Feng Shui to keep them safe. Luckily, as proven above, Feng Shui has many protection cures specifically geared to your protection needs.

For more Feng Shui Protection Cures, please see our Feng Shui Protection Cures page .

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