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July 2021

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Feng Shui Your Divorce

Divorce can be traumatic or transformational. Either way, sometimes it is a necessary step in a relationship. If you are considering divorce or at any stage in the divorce process, Feng Shui can be of assistance.

Working on your marriage – If you are not sure of what to do and you are still working on your relationship issues, Feng Shui can help you. If infidelity and arguments have been an issue, Mandarin Ducks can eliminate the negative energy from your relationship. If you feel like you and your spouse have lost your way and feel separated from each other, the Mandarin Ducks will help you cement your relationship and return your marital bliss. If you fear that your partner might leave you, the Large Love Word Stone will help you both hold on to the love you and your spouse cherished when you began your journey together. Perhaps your marriage is feeling stale and spicing up your romance is all your marriage needs. The Seduction Silver Necklace will help you increase the steamy romance in your life so you and your spouse can find your love again.

Going the legal route – Some relationships are just not meant to be. If lawyers need to get involved, then so should a Dragon Hanger. The Dragon Hanger is the perfect Feng Shui cure for people with legal problems. Use a Dragon Hanger to get an advantage during separation, divorce, or custody disputes.

The right people make a difference – You will be meeting a lot of new people and making a lot of new connections. Make sure that they are all the right ones for you. The Swarovski Safe Traveler and Synchronicity Hanging Crystal will help you network find the best lawyer for you, the perfect judge for your case, etc. Everything will come up you!

Divorce is expensive – Energize your wealth energy to compensate for the money you are spending on your divorce. The Prosperity Coin Hanger will help you hold on to money (so your ex gets less) and generate more.

Welcome to the new you – This time in your life is extremely stressful and complex. The Feng Shui cure for complex life transitions is the Pi Yao. It will help you evolve from the old you to the new you seamlessly and with ease.

For more information on improving your odds of refocusing your love life with Feng Shui see our Feng Shui Love Cures page.

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