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January 2021

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Feng Shui Your Chinese New Year 2021

Happy New Year! Chinese New Year begins February 12, 2021. This is the Year of the Ox. Kung Hei Fat Choy - "Wishing You Success and Prosperity!" Everyone at Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton and Zen Appeal wishes all of you peace and prosperity during the new lunar year 4719. There are many traditional items associated with the Chinese New Year. Your Feng Shui cures can enhance the energy of your new year and protect you from negativity.

Flowers, oranges, and lion dances are all very important parts of the Chinese New Year celebration. Chinese characters symbolizing happiness, wealth, and longevity are displayed. Celebration of the Chinese New Year usually goes on for 15 days. On the night before Chinese New Year (February 11) red clothing or jewelry is worn to ward off evil spirits. According to myth, on the first Chinese New Year the Chinese people protected themselves from a negative force called Nien using firecrackers. They were able to keep him from returning. He represents negative energy from the past year. The representations of firecrackers prevent you from repeating past mistakes. Real firecrackers are lit to ward off evil spirits and clear negative energy from the upcoming year. Representations of firecrackers in hangers are hung to symbolically do the same.

Gift giving is also a large part of this holiday. Red Envelopes that are gold-stamped with good-luck mottoes and containing a gift of Chinese Coins are the traditional gift. On the day of Chinese New Year these Red Envelope gifts are exchanged. Commonly, married couples give children and unmarried adults these coin filled envelopes as a way of passing on their good luck. They can also be used to pass generation wealth and longevity luck among family and friends. Elderly people in Ancient China used to thread coins with a red string. The three coin combination was said to ward off evil spirits and protect from sickness and death. We sell the Red Envelope with 3 lucky Chinese Coins tied together with red ribbon as our Lucky Fortune Gift.

Lanterns are used in the Chinese Lantern Festival during the last day (15th day) of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The Lantern Festival originated as a way to show respect to Buddha and protect family and wealth.

The Dragon Dance is performed on both the first day of the Chinese New Year and the last day. Chinese Dragons represent control, power and wealth. Want control, power and wealth the next lunar year? Add the Dragon Hanger to your home.

Chinese New Year paper-cuts and couplets are traditionally hung by the door displaying wealth, longevity, protection or double happiness greetings. These hangings ward off evil and bring in positive energy for the new year.

Place a bowl of oranges on the dining room table to increase prosperity for the new year. Add our 1 Inch Chinese Coins, to further increase your wealth energy. 1 Inch Chinese Coins symbolize actual coins used in ancient China as currency. Place nine 1 Inch Chinese Coins in the dining room during Chinese New Year for a wealthy New Year.

By using Feng Shui cures to protect and enhance your Chinese New Year energy, 4719 will be an even better year for you than any year you've ever had!

For more Feng Shui Chinese New Year cures please see our Zen Appeal Chinese New Year page .

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