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December 2019

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Feng Shui Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main areas where negative energy exists in your home and if not controlled, it can affect your entire home and life. Examine your own bathroom and see what changes you can make. Changes in your bathroom will improve the Feng Shui energy in your entire life.


Leaks – Leaking faucets, shower heads, and pipes in the bathroom represent a waste of money. Leaks will lead to unnecessary expenses throughout your home. Fix all leaks as soon as you see them – the plumbing bill now will save you a lot of money in the future.

Open Toilet Seats – An open toilet seat allows positive energy to be flushed away. Toilets are filled with negative energy and draw in positive energy. Keep toilet seats closed to protect your home, especially when flushing to avoid flushing away good energy.

Open Bathroom Door – Keep your bathroom doors closed, especially at night while you sleep. Bathrooms are full of negative energy which can seep into your bedroom and affect you while you sleep. As an extra precaution use a Negative Energy Blocker to prevent your bathroom’s negative energy from affecting other areas of your home.

Dirty Bathrooms – Dirt, mold and mildew in the bathroom increase the negative energy already present. Keep your bathroom as clean as possible.

Blue – Water-blue paint and shower curtains, water scenes, boats, fish, shells, etc. are all popular bathroom decorations. So are shiny metallic items. None of these items are good Feng Shui for any bathroom! Avoid them all in your bathroom since they add to the overwhelming water energy already in your bathroom.


Live Plants – Bathrooms are full of negative, ‘death’ energy since they are places for waste. Live plants add ‘live’ energy to the room and help balance the bathroom energy. Make sure you keep your plant healthy and looking attractive. If your plant is sick or dying, remove it immediately from your bathroom and replace it with a healthy plant.

30 mm Swarovski Hanging Crystal or Negative Energy Blocker – If your bathroom is directly across from another room, especially a bedroom or kitchen, you can be negatively affected by the bathroom. You can use either a 30 mm Swarovski Hanging Crystal or Negative Energy Blocker to correct this problem. Hang the crystal from the ceiling between the rooms to protect the rest of your home from any negative energy. Alternatively, you can use the Negative Energy Blocker. Place it on the floor, across the doorway to your bathroom. The red ribbon will ensure that any negative energy from your bathroom does not escape into the rest of your home.

Bright Colors – Bright colored towels, bathmats, curtains, soaps, candles and other positive accessories are perfect items to balance the negative energy in a bathroom.

Earth Tones – Bathrooms have a lot of water which can cause an elemental imbalance. To balance the water, add Earth items to your bathroom. You can place a bowl of smooth stones or sand on the counter. Earth colored towels, shower curtains or other accessories can also be used.

Crystal Journey Assorted Votive Candles – Burn our aromatic, long burning Crystal Journey Assorted Votive Candles in your bathroom to counteract the negative energy present in your bathroom (especially in the toilet area).

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