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February 2020

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Feng Shui and Children

Feng Shui changes can have a positive effect on children. They do not have to be aware of what you are doing or why you are doing it, as long as you make positive improvements with good intentions there will be good results for the children and for you.

Bedrooms are very important places for children. They need a lot of undisturbed sleep to help them grow. Take a look at your child’s bedroom and make sure it is ‘Feng Shui friendly’.

What kind of beds are your children sleeping in? Children should have a regular bed, not a bunk bed which disturbs both the child sleeping above and the child sleeping below. There should be clear space under the bed so the energy can flow around them while they sleep. A solid wood headboard is best, because this will help them feel secure while they sleep. The bed shouldn’t face directly out the doorway, but should have a clear view of the door so the child can see anyone entering or leaving their room. It is important not to have shelves, book cases, toys, heavy items that might fall, or anything protruding from the wall over a child’s bed while they are sleeping. This could cause difficulty sleeping because of a fear, which they may be unaware of, that something might fall on their head.

Children’s rooms should make them feel sleepy and allow them to easily fall asleep and stay asleep. Children should not do other activities in their bedrooms which will distract them from sleep. They should not do their homework in their bedroom. A desk in the bedroom will make them sleepy while they try to do homework, and it will keep them awake when they are trying to go to sleep. They should have a desk or table in a quiet part of the home where they can concentrate and not be distracted by anything else. Keep the desk neat and orderly. Place a Feng Shui Fish or a Pagoda on the desk to encourage Feng Shui Knowledge energy. Hang our Swarovski Education Hanging Crystal in their bedroom to help your children easily learn new things encourage success in school.

Children should not watch television, play video games, use computers, or listen to music in their bedrooms. Electronic equipment, like televisions, computers, and stereos, have electric energy which flows even when they are off. This electrical energy is unhealthy and will distract children when they are trying to fall asleep and while they are asleep. Children’s bedrooms that look like toy stores have too much Yang (awake) energy and are too much fun to sleep in. Make sure the bedroom looks and feels like a bedroom, a place for restful sleep. The optimal situation is for children to have either a playroom or their own part of a room to store their toys and games and watch television. This will ensure that their sleep time is not interrupted by play time or schoolwork time. Add a Kwan Yin with Baby to their bedroom to protect them while they sleep.

Make sure your child has a bedroom for sleep and they can do other activities in other parts of your home. This will ensure that they have good sleep and do well in school.

For more information on helping your child succeed with Feng Shui see our Feng Shui Family Cures page and our Feng Shui Education Cures page .

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