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November 2022

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Feng Shui Your Life in Color

Color influences and reflects all aspects of your life. The colors you choose to surround you will affect and mirror your Feng Shui aspirations, emotions and physical behavior. You can make effective and simple Feng Shui adjustments using color.

The colors that surround you in your kitchen can have a major effect on your health since your food is prepared in that room. You want to protect the energy of your food and the cook so no diner is served bad energy. A white kitchen is a clean kitchen from a Feng Shui perspective. Avoid excess red in the kitchen. Too much fire element in the kitchen can cause accidents and arguments in the kitchen. Arguments can lead to a disturbed cook and bad energy in the food which leads to bad health.

The colors in your bedroom affect you while you sleep. If you are looking to focus on your love life, a pink bedroom is what you need. If growth is your focus, a green bedroom is necessary. Pink will bring the necessary romance energy to anyone who wants a new relationship or wants to enhance their existing relationship. Green will help young people and people in transition grow and change into a new beautiful self.

The colors in your living room affect you while you relax and bond with your family. Grounding earthy colors like beige and yellow are Feng Shui colors for the living room. They help you create a living room that is warm and friendly and draws people in. Guests will feel comfortable, you will feel at home.

While not good in the kitchen, the color red is very auspicious. It is lucky to surround yourself with red. Because of its connection to the fire element, red is an energy source that activates energy. Red also expels bad energy. Red can also be used to find happiness or get married. The color red is used in many Feng Shui cures and many Feng Shui products are red. Red can be added anywhere (except the kitchen, fireplace or where there is already enough fire) to activate the energy (add more power to your cure or Feng Shui Bagua area).

There are many ways to bring your target color into your environment. You can paint your walls. You can change your carpeting. You can add the color in a painting. You can add a pillow in the target color. You can buy a picture frame in the desired color. You can add an ornamental item like a vase in the new color. You can buy new sheets. You can bring in the new color in drapes. You can get flowers in the target color. You can add a Feng Shui cure in the target color. Use your imagination.

You can experiment with these color changes in small ways and see the major effects on your life. A small pop of new color may bring something new to your world.

See Zen Appeal Beginner Feng Shui Cures to start adding color, through Feng Shui, to your life.

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