Swarovski Heart Hanging Crystal
Swarovski Heart Hanging Crystal

Swarovski Heart Hanging Crystal

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  • Feng Shui Love Cure
  • 28 mm Swarovski Heart shaped genuine Austrian Crystal
  • Hangs from 9 inches of traditional red cord
  • Hang in window, car, carry, etc.
28 mm Swarovski Heart shaped crystal hanging from a traditional red cord. This faceted heart shaped genuine Austrian Swarovski crystal is heart shaped to represent Love, Romance, and Marriage. All faceted crystals clear a room of negative energy replacing it with positive energy, deflect negative energy, and protect you from poison arrows (a form of negative energy) and harm. The Heart shaped crystals are genuine Austrian Lead by Swarovski. Hangs 9 inches. The crystals hang nine inches because nine is the most energetically powerful number in Feng Shui. Especially useful in bedrooms and Marriage and Relationship Bagua area. Perfect for a car’s rear view mirror.

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