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Nine Feng Shui Tips

Posted by Zen Appeal's Mark and Leslie Jacobson on 5/6/2019 to Tips
Nine Feng Shui Tips
Here are 9 Free Feng Shui Tips which should be a good start for anyone wanting to add some Feng Shui energy to their lives:  

  1. Clear Clutter
  2. Fix Leaks
  3. Use your stove often and make sure it is in good working order.
  4. Get rid of dead plants inside and outside your home.
  5. Keep your toilet seat closed when not in use, especially when flushing.
  6. Clear the space under your bed.
  7. Use your front door.
  8. Change any dead light bulbs.
  9. Don't love it, don't want it, don't need it? Dump it or donate it!

We hope these free Feng Shui tips will help you see how simple Feng Shui adjustments can be. Feng Shui recommendations made to you by your Feng Shui Consultant will include universal items like these free Feng Shui tips, along with extremely individual and extensive Feng Shui adjustments that will help you improve your life. Start with these free Feng Shui Tips and then order your online
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