Feng Shui Kwan Kong Figurine
Feng Shui Kwan Kong Figurine

Kwan Kong

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At home or at work, Kwan Kong will protect you and increase your power. Kwan Kong was a Chinese General more than 1500 years ago. He is recognized and remembered for his fierce loyalty, integrity, resilience, strength and perseverance. Since his death, it is believed that he protects people from evil. He is a very strong symbol of protection and can be used to protect you from theft, disloyalty, and evil spirits. He will also watch your back while you work. As a powerful military General, Kwan Kong symbolizes great power for you in your life at home and in business. The dragons on his robes symbolize additional ability to control your life and good luck in business. 4 inches high, shiny gold with red and black features.

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