How to Hang a Feng Shui Crystal

Posted by on 12/26/2018 to Tips
How to Hang a Feng Shui Crystal
In Feng Shui, Faceted Hanging Crystals are a traditional Feng Shui cure used to deflect negative energy, add positive energy and protect from poison arrows.

Your Faceted Hanging Crystal should come on 9 inches of red cord, or on a string of beads, ready to hang. 

To hang your Feng Shui Crystal, go to a hardware store and purchase a small hook (cup hook, Command brand hook, small plant hook, etc.) 

Before hanging your Feng Shui Crystal, make sure to leave yourself some headroom. 

You don’t want anyone to hit their head on it when they pass it by if it is in a high traffic area. 

After checking that your loop fits the hook, adhere you hook to your wall or ceiling (depending on where you need to place your Feng Shui Hanging Crystal). 

Hang you Feng Shui Crystal from your hook. 

Now your energy is improved, and all it took was one tiny hook (plus that blingy Swarovski crystal!) 

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