Feng Shui Space Clearing Article

Feng Shui Space Clearing
by Mark Jacobson, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton


Feng Shui space clearing is an important and effective way to eliminate negative energy in your home. Space clearing is an ancient ritual that can turn a depressing room into a happy room and improve the quality of your life. Before doing any other Feng Shui treatments you should space clear. The only problems with space clearing is that it is a complicated and time consuming process of rituals, and if you do it wrong there could be dire consequences. After cleaning and de-cluttering, (two things you would have to do anyway) you can simplify your space clearing by using some of our effective and easy to use Crystal Journey Candles and Five Bell Tibetan Gong.

Start your space clearing by cleaning dirt and dust and eliminating clutter from your home. Dirt, dust and useless clutter are some examples of stagnant energy which is a form of negative energy. This negative energy needs to be removed from your home. You can do this slowly, at your own pace, and you will feel the positive effects in your home and life. Now you are ready to space clear.

Traditionally space clearing is done by setting intentions and using certain ritual objects like Tingshaw bells, singing bowls, sea salt and sage or smudge. This is how expert space clearer Denise Linn trained me to space clear. These items are hard to use and can be messy or even dangerous (walking around your home with a bowl of burning smudge or sage can be unsafe). These rituals can be simplified so that anyone can easily and safely space clear their home. You can't fail if you use our special candles (safely located) or Five Bell Tibetan Gong.

Herbal Magic Pillar Crystal Journey Candles are created with specific intentions using a unique blend of essential oils. Each Crystal Journey Pillar Candle also comes with an affirmation you can read when lighting the candle to reinforce the intention already set in the candle. Just light the candle in a safe place, read the affirmation and the candle will do its special magic and clear your home. You can use the Love Candle or Votive Candles to work their magic in your home.

Another great item for space clearing is our Five Bell Tibetan Gong. This bell sits comfortably on any flat surface such as a desk or shelf. It makes a lovely chime and is a great bell to ring if you need to break up stagnant energy in an area.

Whatever method you choose, you will find that you can quickly and effectively clear space in your own home or office. Space clearing can be fun and easy and once you have accomplished it your space will feel better and you will notice an immediate difference.