Feng Shui Quiz

Feng Shui Quiz
by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton


Having trouble figuring out how Feng Shui fits you best?
This Personal Feng Shui Quiz can help you choose the best Feng Shui solutions to your problems!


1 Are you troubled by constant arguing with your children?
Do you feel disconnected from your family?
Do you wish the bonds in your family were stronger?

Consider our Swarovski Bagua Family Hanging Crystal to improve your relationships with your family members and optimize your relationships within your family.

2 Do you sometimes have bad dreams?
Would you like to improve the quality of your sleep experience?
Do the memories of nightmares often disturb you during the day?

Consider our 3-D Dreams Dream Catcher to decrease your bad dreams while allowing you to still have good dreams.

3 Do you sometimes wonder if compliments aimed in your directions are really hexes?
Are you afraid to share your good news with others for fear they will turn your luck to bad?
Is there someone in your life who takes jealousy to an extreme?

Consider our Evil Eye Protection Set to help you ward off and protect yourself from the negative thoughts and intentions of others.

4 Are you having trouble bringing customers into your business?
Do you sometimes ask why you are unable to get more clients?
Would you like attract and maintain a steady customer base so you can succeed in your career?

Consider our Lucky Cat Happy Business Red to help you increase wealth, attract customers to your business, and improve your career success.

5 Are you sometimes troubled by backstabbers at work?
Do you often feel insecure about your knowledge in certain areas?
Are you troubled by others receiving the authority and promotions you deserve?

Consider our Pagoda to protect you, improve your confidence and help you succeed in your career.

6 Do you feel bored by you job?
Is your daily work routine tedious and frustrating?
Is your career going nowhere?

Consider our Swarovski Bagua Career Hanging Crystal to direct your career path and help you reach new heights.

7 Do you have difficulty holding onto things you treasure like romantic relationships or dear friendships?
Are there times when you are concerned that you won't be able to get what you want in life?
Do you feel that your life is lacking in love?

Consider our Large Love Word Stone to help yourself hold onto the important things and people in your life, get what you want in life, and focus your energy on the love you desire.

8 Are there times when you feel unfulfilled?
Do you sometimes feel ungrateful?
Do you often feel guilty because you wish you could appreciate your life?

Consider our Swarovski Bagua Hanging Crystal to help you feel fulfilled so you can appreciate the life you have instead of feeling like you are always lacking something.

9 Have you had trouble becoming pregnant?
Do you sometimes wonder if a baby would have a positive effect on your marriage?
Are your fertility issues overwhelming you?

Consider our Venus of Willendorf Fertility Goddess to help you take control of your fertility, become pregnant and have the family you have always dreamed you could have.