Feng Shui Office Article

Feng Shui Your Home Office

by Mark Jacobson, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton 


Some helpful tips for improving the Feng Shui energy in your home office. More people than ever choose to work at home, allowing flexibility in their lives and work. The Feng Shui challenge is to bring career and money energy into your office area and try to energetically separate the office from the rest of the home.



Distractions– keep the office door closed when you are working and make sure everyone in the house knows you are ‘at work’ in your office. If you have a home phone in your office, turn it off while you work.


Clutter – keep your office neat and organized and focused on your job so you can stay focused while you are working. Separate business papers from family papers and keep things organized in file cabinets.


Don’t sit at your desk with your back to the door. Make sure you can see the door and know who is coming and going while at your desk.



A clockclocks are great for an office, especially a home office, to help you keep track of your time and keep you focused and on a schedule. Make sure your clock is visible and works. A broken clock brings negative energy into an office.


Your Business Logo – the logo for your business should be in a prominent place in your home office so the good career and money energy knows how to find your office. This logo will also be a good reminder to you and everyone else in your home that your office is where your business is, so when you are there it is time to work.


Natural Crystals – Natural Quartz Crystals in the office help absorb any negative energy that can build up in a work environment. They also aid in mental clarity and increase your concentration, making them perfect for any work environment. Make sure to keep your crystal in a safe place and keep it clean so it will work best. If you use a natural crystal, hold it under running water occasionally to clean the energy. We recommend our Natural Quartz Crystal for any office as an attractive and powerful energy tool.


Kwan Yin – is a financial stabilizer, helping you control your expenses and bring positive money energy into your business. Kwan Yin brings good energy into all parts of your business and will help you and your business succeed and grow.


Bell – The sound energy of a bell is great for clearing energy and waking up the energy of a business. The Five Bell Tibetan Gong is the perfect bell for a desk. Keep it in the Wealth corner (back left) of your desk and ring it often to call money into your business. It will help focus your mind and the energy in the office.


Lucky Cat – The Lucky Cat Happy Business has its left paw raised, waving new clients into your business. Keep her facing the door (or window) looking out, drawing in new business.


Golden Horse for Success – Placed on or near your desk, it will help your business be successful and triumphant.