Feng Shui Intention Article

Wholehearted Feng Shui

by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton


Who do you think has a better time at a party? The person who knows they look good or the one who is worried that they are not dressed appropriately? Who is more likely to lose weight? The person who believes in the diet or the one who is just going through the motions with a negative attitude? Without confidence and belief in your success, things are not as easily attainable. Feng Shui is just like everything else. Sure it is possible for it to help you even if you do not believe in it, but with a little faith it is much easier to accomplish your goals.


Some things in Feng Shui do not require any mental affirmations of desired effects or belief in their connections to your life. If you move that coffee table that you trip over every morning, that was putting you in a bad mood, your life will improve even if you move it without thinking of the Feng Shui benefits. But if you think about the obstacles that are impeding you as you move that table and concentrate on how making this Feng Shui adjustment will help you remove these obstacles in your life, you are more likely to have a greater Feng Shui impact from your actions. Every time you see that table you will be reminded that obstacles can be overcome and that you have the power to improve your life. It can impact every aspect of your life in a very positive way.


Nay-sayers can bring you down or inspire you. Do you know someone who thinks you are nuts because you believe that furniture arrangement is linked to life arrangement? Worse yet, do they live with you? Maybe they make fun of you and your 'new age ideas.' Maybe they try to sabotage your Feng Shui adjustments. How do we prevent their negative energy from invading our precious space? You may not be able to control every space in your home or workplace. But that should not stand in the way of your progress. Hopefully you have one space at home or work that you have complete control over. Even if it is just one room, or your desk or closet, it can be enough. Apply the principles of Feng Shui that you believe in to that area. Make that space embody all of your Feng Shui goals. Enjoy the positive energy that your special space brings to your life. And when you are forced to be in less harmonious environments, remind yourself that only that one special space represents and protects you. Try to gain inspiration from the disbelievers in your life. Remind yourself that when they see how Feng Shui has turned your life around and optimized your opportunities, they will probably be coming to you and asking how they can apply these principles to their lives.


But what if you are the one who does not believe? Maybe you moved your desk to face a certain direction because someone said it was a good thing to do for your Feng Shui. How will that move affect you? The best way to find out the differing results between a Feng Shui adjustment with full awareness and dedication, and one done half-hearted is to do your own experiment. Take two Feng Shui 'cures' or recommendations related to different aspects of your life that need improvement. For instance, one that will help you improve your marriage and one that will help you improve your career. Then grab a Feng Shui book and pick an adjustment for one area randomly without reading the hows and whys. Maybe the book says that flowers are nice for romance. You might not mentally connect flowers with romance (maybe they remind you of funerals) but you make the change anyway. You go out and buy some flowers and display them in any old spot. Then for the second life aspect, really research all the possible adjustments and pick the one that most fits your needs and life. One that makes sense to you and your internal logic. Perhaps among the book's career suggestions it lists displaying some art that represents your work or desired occupation. You sit around and think about the possibilities. You go to an art store and buy a reasonably priced piece of work that you love that shows someone doing your dream job and loving it. Just looking at that artwork makes you feel proud of your vocation. You take the time and effort to choose a perfect spot to display your new career representation, and every time you pass it by you remind yourself that the person depicted in the art is you enjoying your wonderful career. Live with those two adjustments for a few weeks and see which aspects of your life have improved. Sure the whole hearted approach is more time consuming, but most things that are worth something in life require a little effort.


Generic Feng Shui adjustments do not have the same effect as those that are personalized, well thought out, and logical. If it makes sense to you, it will be easy for you to believe that the adjustment will optimize your life. Once you buy into that connection between the physical action or arrangement and your life, you are half way there. Changing your mindset helps you attain your goals. Believing that something good will come to you helps you keep your eyes open so you will notice that great opportunity when it comes your way.