Feng Shui Health Article

Feng Shui and Your Health

by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of changing your life by moving things in your home and work environment. Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is a system where you can improve your life and business, by adjusting the items in your home and work environment. Feng Shui explains the connection between your surroundings and potential successes, and understanding Feng Shui can help you to optimize your life. Your home and workplace send messages to yourself and others about who you are and what you want out of life. Good Feng Shui can help you improve your financial situation, reputation, business, health, and overall quality of life. When your home has good Feng Shui, your family will be harmonious, happy, healthy, and successful. Your guests will enjoy their time with you and think highly of you. When your workplace has good Feng Shui, customers and clients who visit will want to do business with you, have more faith in your business, and want to continue to do business with you. All who work in a place with good Feng Shui will be content, get along with each other, and want to continue to work there.

Your health is connected to the Feng Shui of your environment. Good Feng Shui may not heal all that ails you, but it can help you become as healthy (both physically and mentally) as you can be. Bad Feng Shui can cause, exacerbate, or increase susceptibility to illness, stress, and depressed energy (chi).


One area of the home that can have a negative affect on your health is your bathroom(s). Since it is a place of waste, in Feng Shui it is considered a place filled with dead chi. This negative chi can be balanced by adding living or active things like plants, crystal, and bright colors to your bathroom.


Bad energy from your bathroom can affect you most while you sleep. If at all possible make sure that your bed is not directly above or below a toilet and that the head of your bed is not directly in line with a toilet in the next room. If you cannot move your bed, hang a crystal above your bed to protect your physical and emotional health.


Having the door of a bathroom directly across from the door of your bedroom can also be a problem, as can having a bathroom attached to your bedroom (as is often the case with master bedrooms). Many people have found that the part of their body that is directly in line with their bathroom, while in bed, will suffer from some health problem.


One way to protect yourself from this negative chi is to make sure that the bathroom door is always kept closed and that the toilet seat cover is always down (including when flushing and except when in use!) When the toilet flushes, all of the good energy in your home, especially your health and prosperity energy, just gets flushed down that toilet along with all that water. Keeping the seat down is something you should do even if your bathroom is nowhere near your bedroom. Placing a crystal on the toilet tank can help stabilize the chi in the room.


If there is no door to the bathroom, you can use a curtain or screen to protect yourself from this unhealthy chi. To further protect yourself from this negative energy, you can also hang a faceted crystal, like our 30 mm Swarovski Hanging Crystal, from the ceiling (high enough so you don't hit your head) between your bed and the bathroom. Another way to protect yourself is to place a Negative Energy Blocker across the saddle or floor of the doorway. It will keep the negative energy in the bathroom and your positive energy in your bedroom.


You also do not want your bathroom's dead chi to mix with the energy in your kitchen. Nobody wants their food and their toilets to mix. If your bathroom is directly across from your kitchen use the same methods to protect yourself that you would use in the bedroom (close doors, use curtains, screens, crystals and/or a Negative Energy Blocker to separate these opposing energies). 


Leaky faucets, shower heads, and pipes can waste more than water. When there is a waste like that occurring in your home, it represents a waste of money and can affect your emotional state. In addition to the water bills increasing, other unrelated unnecessary expenses will occur and you may begin to feel frazzled. Whenever you are wondering where all your money is going or your life suddenly becomes too much for you to handle, it is time to make sure you have no water leaks in or around your home. The only cure for this problem is to have your plumber fix your leaks.


If your home has an unusually large number of bathrooms or any other excessive water issue, you need to balance the water to prevent health problems. Too much water energy could be the Feng Shui cause of your health problems. This must be balanced with earth energy. The House Protection Amulet includes earth energy, stability, and protective energy. It balances and stabilizes the Feng Shui water problems you have and protects you from future Feng Shui water problems.


And whenever you are making any adjustments, keep your intention in mind. As you move your bed or hang your crystal, tell yourself that you have good health and are feeling great. These positive words embed themselves into the physical changes you make and soon you will find that your intention is your reality.