Feng Shui Fish
Feng Shui Fish

Feng Shui Fish

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  • Feng Shui Marriage cure (in pairs)
  • Feng Shui Overcome Obstacles
  • Feng Shui Wealth cure
  • Feng Shui Debt cure
  • Feng Shui Career success
  • Feng Shui Education cure
This Feng Shui Fish (also called Dragon Fish and Lucky Carp) is a very versatile Feng Shui cure that can be used to enhance many Feng Shui Bagua areas depending on your problem. It can be used to increase wealth, to increase education success, to attract customers to a business, to improve career success, or in pairs for marital or relationship harmony. The Feng Shui Fish swims upstream symbolizing perseverance and success in the face of overwhelming odds. 3 1/4 inches high red resin figurine with gold Chinese characters.

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