Feng Shui Fertility Article

Expanding Your Family - Fertility and Feng Shui

by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton


So many of you are looking for a little help in increasing your odds (or that of a family member) of becoming pregnant. But how can Feng Shui help you in your fertility quest?


One way to increase your odds of adding to your family is by refraining from disturbing the energy in your home. When trying to conceive, avoid any remodeling, major or minor, in or around your home. Try to keep your home as calm as possible. And don't agitate the energy around your bed. Don't sweep or dust around or under your bed during conception attempts and pregnancy. A dusty bedroom could just equal a baby in your future!


Keep the area under your bed clear and clutter free. In Feng Shui it is always recommended that the area under the bed be clear so energy can circulate under you while you sleep, this is even more important when trying to conceive and while pregnant.


Another way to pump up your fertility is by getting an elephant. No, not a real one! A representation of an elephant. Elephants have been considered a fertility symbol for thousands of years. Place a lovely elephant figurine in your bedroom. Rub your elephant to bring more children into your family. Some other items to add to your bedroom (or wear as jewelry) include Rose Quartz Crystals and Kwan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) statues. Both are known to increase fertility. And Kwan Yin will come in handy after you have your baby, because she guards the souls of children. Prolific bunny rabbits are excellent symbols of fertility. Additionally, add nine stalks of bamboo plant to the Children and Creativity Bagua area (the right center area) of your bedroom. This adds healthy growth to this Bagua area. Make sure to take care of your plants. If any of your bamboo plants show any sign of ill health immediately discard the stalk and replace them. Sick or dead plants are sources of negative energy, something you are trying to avoid. Another thing to add is a brass wind chime to the entranceway to the house. This will stimulate the energy and bring it into your home. This is very important when trying to bring a new life into your home. Hang a crystal in the Children and Creativity Bagua area (the right center area) of your bedroom.


So stop dusting and start buying positive symbols of fertility for your home. Once you have that new bundle of joy you will know that it was worth that little bit of trouble for that lifetime of joy.