Feng Shui Bells Article

Feng Shui and Your Front Door – Open Yourself Up to Opportunities at Your Front Door

by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton


You may think of your front door as just the door guests use to enter your home, but for Feng Shui purposes, your front door is the gateway to positive energy and opportunities! It is one of the most important places in your home.


No matter how many entrances you have in your home, you only have one main, front, entrance. Use your ‘front door.’ It may not be the most convenient way to get into your home, but it will improve your Feng Shui energy if you use it more often. Your economic opportunities will increase. Isn’t that enough reason to use the door? You can still use your garage door, or side door, or back door when it is more convenient, but try to use your main door at least once a day. Use the front door to take in the mail or just to see how much prettier that entrance is compared to the alternate entrance. If the main entrance is not more attractive than your other entrance, make it more attractive!



Your entryway should be well lit. Lighting invites energy and opportunities. Make sure your lights all work and replace all dead bulbs immediately. Nothing should block your doorway on the outside. Your door needs to be visible so that people and opportunities can easily find you. You should not have any vines hanging over your door, this is not inviting. People will not want to visit, and neither will positive energy or economic opportunities. You should have a working doorbell, one that makes a sound that pleases you. Doorbells call in opportunities and do a mini space clearing of your entire home every time someone rings them. Whenever you want to take control of your life, ring your own doorbell. It is your own special way of leaving your auditory imprint on home and life. Place a half moon shaped doormat in front of your door to protect your door from poison arrows (things pointing directly at your door or in line with your door like trees or mail boxes) and other sources of negative energy.



Your door should open easily with nothing impeding it. Your door should not be broken in any way. Your door handle should work. The inside of your entryway should also be well lit. A Pi Yao should be placed by or above your front door to protect your home and your family from unwanted energy and intruders. Hang a Bell near your front door to protect your home, clear negative energy, and stimulate positive energy. Chinese Hanging Bells often have symbols of money and protection on them, which enhance their power and usefulness at your entryway. Hang a Doorknob Wealth Bell from your doorknob to stimulate further your wealth energy at your entryway. Place a Gong on a table in your entry area to break up stagnant energy and stimulate positive energy. Make sure to ring your Gong often to clear the energy and so you can enjoy the peaceful sound. Place a water fountain in your entry area to activate the water element. Front doors are always located in one of the three Bagua areas that are associated with water.


Pay attention to your front door, outside and inside. It is one of the most important parts of your home. Remember to remove all sources of negative energy and enhance the Feng Shui appeal and open yourself up to opportunities with the proper Feng Shui accessories.