Feng Shui Wealth Deity
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Feng Shui Wealth Deity

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Increase your wealth energy with this traditional Feng Shui wealth god. This Feng Shui Wealth Deity was a man named Zhang Li (Tua Peh Kong) who survived great disaster. Zhang Li was shipwrecked on an island and used his medical and trading skills to survive and help others. After his death, he promised wealth and protection from storms to his followers. He symbolizes great wealth, excellent health, safe seas and protection from harm. The Feng Shui Wealth Deity has a gold ingot (powerful wealth symbol) in his right hand, a ruyi (a wish granting scepter) in his left hand, and the Chinese Good Fortune character (bringing good luck and whatever you want in abundance.) This golden colored Feng Shui Wealth Deity has the power to bring you wealth, good health, and safety. Approximately 3 1/2 inches high, shiny gold with red and black features.

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