Bagua Coin Charm
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Bagua Coin Charm

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Bagua Coin Charm is a reproduction of an ancient Chinese good luck coin. The Bagua Coin Charm design includes auspicious Tai Chi symbol (Yin and Yang), Trigrams, and good luck Chinese symbols on the front. On the back of the Bagua Coin Charm there are Chinese characters that attract wealth and characters that state "drive away evil spirits." The symbols depicted on the back of the Bagua Coin include ones to increase your chances for longevity, protection, wish fulfillment and power. These symbols are a wu lou, a flute, a fan and firecrackers. The Bagua Coin Charm is Bagua shaped to represent the Feng Shui Bagua map. The Bagua shape symbolizes harmony and fulfillment. The Bagua Coin Charm is 35 mm. Great for increasing wealth by placing inside wallet, purse, handbag, checkbook, cash box, cash register, safe, dresser drawer, desk, under doormat etc. Excellent gift.

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